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In recent years, online cricket betting is surging tremendously among the youths and traditional bettors. The availability of cricket betting sites has made it easier for bettors to enjoy the fun and thrill while adding huge bucks to their wallets. 

Online cricket betting is an activity where gamblers place a wager on various cricketing events through cricket betting sites based on their understanding of the sport and the previous match statistics. If the prediction of the events’ outcome comes out to be true, the bettors get certain payouts in the end. 

This blog entails all the information about various safe and reliable cricket betting sites that different types of bets you can apply your knowledge to and try your luck on. 

Cricket Betting Sites For Placing a Bet

There are different cricket betting sites that are easily available for the bettors and reap higher profits in the betting market: 

  • 1XBET

1XBET is one of the best sites that facilitates cricket betting on different types of markets. If you wish to bet, you get a sportsbook with competitive odds with a good user interface and convenient deposit & withdrawal options for you. 

This site runs a huge number of accumulator markets with certain bet combinations, which makes it stand out among the competitors.

Moreover, you don’t just get to bet on cricket but it also includes betting options for online casinos, live dealer tables, slot games, poker, and much more.

For new users, it offers generous bonuses that you can use to stake your money. This platform also advertises multiple promotions to entice customers to indulge in live cricket betting.

  • Parimatch

Parimatch is another renowned platform in the betting market. Not only in India but it has significance in other nations as well. It offers a wide selection of betting markets. 

Although there are multiple sports options, this is a cricket betting-centric app. For all the worldwide cricketing events, the bettors get access to a whole bunch of pre-match and live betting options. For cricket enthusiasts, it is a perfect choice for betting options in live cricket betting.

  • Fun 88

Fun 88 is another cricket betting site for novice as well as professional bettors. Covering a huge number of options in the sport, it offers the top options for the betting exchange for betting online. 

Likewise other bettings, Fun88 is not far behind to facilitate betting on different sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and more. 

When you sign for the first time on the platform, you get a significant welcome bonus with regular promotional offers in the betting market. 

If you are searching for great live cricket betting options in the online market, Fun88 can be a great option for you. 

Popular Bets to Earn Huge

In the sports betting market, there are multiple sporting events available where you can place winning and effective bets. Let’s have a look at some of the popular bets:

  • Match Betting

This betting market is one of the simplest that gamblers love to bet on. Match Betting is a straightforward wager as yes or no. For a particular event in a cricket match, you just have to call the shots for the three outcomes:

  • If the match will get a draw
  • Who wins the match – home or away team

The gamblers mostly prefer this type of betting in short versions of cricket as it winds within the same day. 

  • Tied Match

Predicting the tying of a match can be a bit difficult but this is another simple bet that is favorable among the bettors. You just have to predict if the ongoing match between your target teams will end in a tie or not.

  • Completed Match

Such types of bets are generally considered in full-day matches and you need to decide if the match will end on that or not. Completed Match bets can be placed simply on long-form cricket matches like Test crickets.

If you believe that some extraneous factors, such as weather & pitch conditions, or any medical emergency of the players can affect the game, you can change your bets accordingly, rolling it for the next day’s match.

  • Top Bowler 

Analyzing the previous stats of particular players and the teams, you have to predict the best bowler from either of the participating teams. To wager on this event in live cricket betting, you need to choose the right player who would have the chance of winning this title. If your selection of the player is correct, you get monetary rewards eventually.

  • Innings Runs 

Placing a bet on innings runs via cricket betting sites requires you to predict the number of runs during the first innings. Many bookies offer such bets as an under/over wager. The bookies offer several runs and if you think that the number of runs scored will be over or under the numbers displayed on the sportsbook, then you can win big.

Wrapping Up

Live cricket betting is a huge market and the new-age bettors may need free cricket betting tips to place effective bets. To avoid last-minute chances of losing your bet, get the latest cricket updates and leverage the expertise of CBTF Betting Experts!

CBTF Betting is a platform that encourages all types of betting for gamblers to maximize profitability. For expert tips, stay tuned!


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