The Most Memorable Cricket Matches Involving India

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The cricket world is full of record-breaking matches, India marks their victory in many domestic & international tournaments.

The cricket world is full of record-breaking matches, India marks their victory in many domestic & international tournaments. Indians have a separate fan base for crickets, they share the best cricket moment together to share the victory’s happiness. Digging into the history of cricket, we will get an iconic cricket match with India that makes a special place in the memories of Indians. 

Let’s review some memorable cricket matches that marked the Indian team’s victory:

World Cup Finals: 1983

If we are discussing the best Indian cricket moments, it will start with the world cup finals in 1983. It was one of the most memorable events in cricket history where India won the world cup under Kapil Dev’s captaincy. The Indian cricket team performs extraordinarily against the West Indies. Most experts thought that India would lose the tournament, but the team proves everyone wrong. Even, Kapil Dev scored 175 against Zimbabwe & the team defeated Australia to get into the semi-finals. Lastly, the match favors the Indian team with a memorable victory. 

World Cup Match 2003: India Vs Pakistan 

Another cricket match with India imprints into India’s heart is the world cup 2003. Interestingly, the match has two best rival teams in history India & Pakistan. Cricket enthusiasts in India will hardly miss out on watching these two-team cricket matches. Before this iconic match, the Indian team has not scored beyond 222 runs in world cup tournaments. However, in 2003, this pattern was broken by legend Sachin Tendulkar's 98 scores & India made it to 278 with the best victory. 

2007 T20I World Cup Victory for India

At the time, the T20I cricket match was a new format. Everyone gets amazed by young MS Dhoni’s captaincy, the Indian team won the tournament by 5 runs with the rival team Pakistan. The second inning of the match brought tension as Pakistan required only 13 runs with one last wicket left, Dhoni brought Joginder Sharma for bowling & Sreesanth didn’t leave the chance of grabbing a victory catch. It was India’s first-ever T20I world cup winner & got the spot of No.1 in the ICC test team ranking.

ICC World Cup 2007: Yuvraj’s 6 - Sixes

Back in 2007, an unexpected event emerged in Indian cricket history that left every Indian in shock! Yuvraj Singh hit the boundaries with sixes in all 6 balls of an over. It was the ICC T20 World Cup of 2007 & India was playing against England. All the eyes stuck on the ground, every Indian prayed for another six after every ball. Yuvraj Singh’s luck shines on another level to make this breathtaking record. He broke the fastest bowler Stuart's board speed with the best batting performance. 

World Cup 2011: India's Second Victory

After almost 28 years, India claims their second ODI world cup victory against Sri Lanka in Mumbai. Under the leadership of the legend of cricket - Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian team managed to lift another ICC title after years of wait! In this match, Gautam Gambhir & Virat Kholi shared a partnership of 83 runs, later on after Virat’s wicket got down, Dhoni joined the lineup to stand for 109 runs. In the end, the Indian cricket team lifted the world cup to mark their name in history.

Champion Trophy 2013

In 2013, India successfully won the championship trophy for the first time while fighting against England. Interestingly, MS Dhoni was the only skipper who made victory in all three ICC trophies. The Indian team won the opening match against South Africa & kept the winning attitude till finals. Due to the rain, overs were cut down to 20. Spectators thought that 129 was an easy-go score for England, but India’s amazing bowling changed the expected result. 

First Test Series Victory: 2018-19

Back then, winning a test series on Australian ground seemed like an impossible task. The Indian player - Virat Kohli turned down the statement by registering the Indian team name in the list of victories. India managed to win the first test series by 2-1 in the Australian backyard. Indian bowlers deliver the best shots, and Cheteswar Pujara's batting contributes to this amazing win. The Indian team got a sensational victory leading 2-1 in the test series.

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