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The acronym CBTF, which you may have heard used frequently in cricket, stands for Cricket Betting Tips Free. People only use it temporarily and as a shortcode to identify the Cricket Betting Tips Free.

On the majority of tipster websites and Telegram channels, you will notice the abbreviation CBTF for the betting industry. The one who offered the best free cricket betting id and advice in the world. We are also famous for our cbtf tips.

And this time CBTF is going to reveal the scam rules of Diamond Exchange Betting.

Below mentioned are the scam rules that Diamond Exchange Betting practices:

  1. Doubt of cheating: If at all they notice any malpractice or cheating from the punters end like if they have a doubt that you are betting in cricket by sitting in the stadium then they straight away delete your account on the cheating ground. This happens because they take bets in 1 sec time frame.

            Whereas, we at CBTF Speed247 and other exchanges take bets in 3 seconds

            frame to avoid the confusion and any kind of malpractices.

  1. No ball rules: If at all any of the potential balls is on the verge of hitting a four or six but the umpire rates it as a no ball then diamond exchange will mark the bet as void.

But we at CBTF Speed247 cares for our punters and potential buyers because nobody knows the decision of the umpire and it’s unpredictable. So, we don’t mark the bet as void, instead we give a fair chance to the punters.

  1. Multiple players on ID: If at all the ID is logged in from mobiles or personal computers with different IP addresses then they consider it as an unfair means and the bet is directly deleted from the exchange with the name of cheating.
  1. Fixed match rules: If the information leaks that the match is fixed and the winner or the move is pre decided. Then other exchanges make all the betting in that particular match as void and no more bets will be entertained of that particular match.

But diamond exchanges make the bet void as per their convenience. If they are facing loss then they will make all the bets void at the end of the whole match. They use fixed matches for their ulterior benefits. They in some circumstances even delete the bet which is considered a crime in the Indian betting industry. 

These all are diamond exchange tricks to make dirty money.

Our personal recommendation for a neat and fair gaming experience is CBTF. Which not only gives you a fair chance to play and earn but also gives you benefits in many forms like playing with a minimum deposit of ₹ 100/-, fund transfer to anyone anytime anywhere, variety of games and much more. Best platform to create online cricket betting id.

A personal recommendation from the CBTF side is to be cautious while choosing a betting exchange. One should examine the records and reviews of the exchange so as to avoid scam in future course of action.

Stay safe and play responsibly !!!!

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