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Cricket was first played in England and has always been referred to as a “gentleman’s game.” Unlike all other sports, playing in the real spirit of the game is held in the highest esteem in this particular sport. The sport has experienced numerous spot-fixing controversies in the modern era. The game’s reputation has suffered as a result. Most often, illicit sports betting is the origin of cricket fixing. Bettors lavishly compensate the players engaging in this heinous act.

They offer a significant sum of money that is challenging to refuse and ensure that the game’s outcome is in their favor. The player’s honor is tarnished, and many devoted followers are left in chaos. We will cover what goes on behind the scenes and how cricket match fixing has impacted the game’s reputation in this article. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in cricket, despite the fact that we frequently picture players leaving the pavilion or field in white flannels, smiles on their cheeks.

Recent Events of Cricket Match Fixing:

Hansie Cronje, the captain of the South African cricket team, was engaged in one of the controversies that caught the cricketing world off guard. He admitted cricket match fixing the game with a bookie and promised to play as directed to his cricket board in April 2000. He rigged the game and received gifts from bookmakers to change the outcome. He did that with a businessman from the UK in opposition to a match in Nagpur, India. Hansie admitted to the Board Director that “he has been dishonest” four days after Delhi police accused him of match manipulation. For more cricketing videos connect with us.

As per cricket match highlights, hansie was a strong leader that the entire country looked up to. When Cricket South Africa returned to the game after Apartheid, Hansie was seen as their best chance to give South African cricket international prominence. Many of his followers were devastated by this tragedy, but even after his confession, they refused to hold him responsible. The level of influence on Cricket South Africa was at that point. A flawless leader with a stellar track record and a nice guy. Given the rules of the game, this was even more unethical. The test match versus England, which both captains chose to forfeit, was also looked at by the cricket board. This is completely unethical in consideration of the game’s rules, the game’s fans, local supporters, and a nation that was attempting to establish itself in the cricket world (Espncricinfo, July 22, 2013).

Three Pakistani cricketers were involved in one of the other significant cases of spot fixing. In a 2010 match between Pakistan and England at Lords in London, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir, and Salman Butt were found guilty of cricket fixing. willingly bowling no-balls, which gave the rival teams additional runs. A genuine and fair representation of the game is due to the game’s supporters. One British journalist looked into this matter after overhearing a Pakistani journalist bragging about his analysis of the game and promising the location of the fixed place and the time it will occur. A Pakistani journalist claimed that the incident had occurred at that same moment. This was unethical since it tricked the fans who were ardently rooting for their favorite cricket players. Pakistan’s most popular sport is cricket, and certain communities even revere cricketers. It would be wrong to treat that kind of fan following unfairly.

Everybody was furious and angry about it. Pakistan has received the most accusations of match-fixing of any nation. Following this episode, there was a commotion around the world as people began to doubt the legitimacy of the game. Looking for the free cricket betting tips, visit CBTF website!

In addition, situations have occurred in Indian cricket, when Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Jadeja, and the captain Mohammad Azharudin were found guilty of cricket-fixing. Many international cricket players have claimed that bookies have often invited them to after-match gatherings where they have been solicited and persuaded to manipulate games. These days, young players are falling into this trap, which degrades the reputation of this fantastic game. These actions are unethical since they distort the view of a country among international athletes and all the viewers. People no longer have faith in the game’s consequences. The majority of spectators believe that if a game is close, it must be manipulated. In order to effectively market cricket to other nations, the international cricket council must take this issue seriously.

According to certain reports, cricket match fixing has long been a feature of cricket, and before the online gambling boom in 2000, Mumbai bookmakers allegedly controlled the odds and wrote matches. Major finger-pointing wasn’t done till a few cricketers were captured.


It has a terrible effect on all people involved, including onlookers and the opposing side. It destroys the game’s legitimacy. The offenders experience intense humiliation and disgrace. For the players, getting over this kind of trauma is practically difficult. They are never accepted by society. How come they do it? What is more priceless than one’s own regard for oneself? What could have prompted these actions? 

As per cricketing video, there will undoubtedly be bookies participating in the game since cricket is a national fixture in India and they want to profit from it. Millions of dollars in cash are being provided by these bookmakers, making it quite simple to entice gullible and immature gamers. Bookmakers from India or Dubai discovered the majority of the documented international incidences of match manipulation. The ICC decided to suspend hosting cricket competitions in Sharjah for this reason. This illegal cricket match-fixing has poisoned even the domestic cricket competition. In the Indian premier league three of the promising prospects for the national team were lost due to spot fixing. People have lost trust in the game. They do not believe it’s true anymore. When the dark side of a country’s favorite sport is revealed, it comes as a shattering blow to many of its fans around the world. 

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