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IPL ending but have’t got enough wagering on the game? Well there is fantasy cricket for you to bank on. The cricket winning tips apply to fantasy cricket but it has a few more things one need to keep in mind. Unlike a regular game, fantasy cricket allows you to build your fantasy team. This aspect needs one to be more involved in the process of research before putting your money down. So here are some fantasy cricket winning tips so you can profit from it.

  • Player Performance: Just like when making cricket predictions for a match, fantasy cricket also needs one to look at players’ recent performance. But in this case it is for building your own team rather than trying to evaluate a team with set players to wager on. As a person selecting players for the team it’s important to get the best balanced team, so understanding each player’s strengths and weaknesses before selection is vital. 
  • Pitch and Weather Analyzing: This factor is one that many people forget when selecting their team. The weather conditions and pitch helps choose the players suitable for the place where the match is being held. For example, choosing a spinner is better option for dry and slow pitch over a swing bowler. 
  • Top Order Batsmen: The game is all about scoring more runs, thus the three top order batsmen should be selected wisely. If the format being played is T20 then it is even more so crucial to choose batsmen who are known to score. 

Captain and Vice-Captain Selection: In fantasy cricket, a huge advantage is the number of points which a Captain and Vice-Captain get over regular players. The Captain gets 2X the points while the Vice- Captain gains 1.5X the points scored. This essentially means that these players should be having a good batting average. So when the biggest question is how to win fantasy cricket? This is an aspect one needs to really think about.

  • Tips for Today’s Match: When evaluating cricket win predictions, the features offered for last minute changes in fantasy league are a game changer. Like the last minute changes post toss is one big advantage. You can also change and drop a few players on the top 11 declared for other teams. Another key feature is the chance to create multiple teams thus increasing the chances of winning. It’s a game of probabilities after all. 

Choosing the Right Combination: The right mix of batsmen, bowlers, all rounder and wicket keeper is another cricket tip to keep in mind when selecting a team.

Start brushing up your knowledge and get the game started. No need to check the match schedule, just start a schedule of your own and keep winning.

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