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Cricket is a sport that has a special place in the hearts of the fans and the enthusiasts don’t want to miss India team cricket matches with any opponent on the ground. 

The fans are crazy enough to even watch the highlights of the cricket matches on repeat. Cricket is an emotion for Indian fans. In this blog, we have listed some most popular cricket streaming sites that you can use to get live coverage of the Indian Premier League (IPL), World Cup, or any cricket match with India

On the platforms, you can get the fun of watching the most prestigious tournaments, such as test matches, one-day internationals, or T20s. Some of the video platforms give a high-quality video-watching experience while some may degrade your experience. We have piled up some platforms to enjoy cricket at your comfort level. 

  • Hotstar

Hotstar is an Over-the-top (OTT) platform that enjoys the most subscriptions from new-age individuals. It facilitates a well-liked video service for users to watch cricket matches. Moreover, it not only telecasts the live broadcasting of India all cricket matches, but also brings spicing entertaining videos of movies and shows. Along with cricket, it permits the broadcasting of other sports as well. If you want to enjoy live cricket, you can watch live streams of the matches, view highlights, complete fixtures, and all the recent news about cricket on the platform. 

Before you begin using this platform, you don’t need to set up an account but to watch some premium content, you may require a subscription for this platform. 

Contrarily, if you don’t set up your account, the viewers only get 5 minutes free to watch the video. Nothing is more exciting than being informed what’s going to happen next while watching a sports event, no matter what sport it is.\


This is the channel of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) itself. As it is the apex body of the cricket world, they have its official channel as BCCI.TV that gives you live coverage of the event and all India team cricket match videos with other teams’ coverage as well. Irrespective of the hosting venue of the cricket matches, this channel brings exclusive videos for you. Moreover, while watching cricket, you get news and scorecards pertaining to each and every cricket event that is currently happening at a specific moment. In a nutshell, BCC TV is a prestigious channel that covers the live broadcasting of cricket events. 

  • CBTF MyTube

CBTF Mytube is your own youtube channel where you don’t need any subscriptions to watch India cricket match videos. You can leverage the platform facilities to watch your favourite sports videos anytime. From cricket highlights to live cricket updates, they give you coverage of each glorious moment on the ground by the top performers from the domestic as well as international players. To amp up the fun of watching cricket with your friends and family, you can subscribe to CBTF MyTube and enjoy the match videos. 

  • Watchcric

Watchcric is a platform that gives users the ability to watch the live streaming of cricket matches, irrespective of the venue of the match. Whether you are interested in watching cricket of any country match or India team cricket matches, Watchcric is a perfect platform to assist you in watching videos. Watchcric is a platform that suits your best interest in enjoying videos. 

  • Webcric

Webcric is a platform that was designed specifically with the aim to allow users to watch live cricket matches. You can watch the videos on any platform, be it mobile devices or the television from your comfort level. With that said, you need to have accessibility to the internet and smart devices that accept internet connectivity. 

Webcric gives you an option to watch online cricket from different servers and this site has received huge traction in India. You won’t find the blog content to describe the activities on the platform but it efficiently delivers the solely focused experience to deliver excellent broadcasts to their customers. 

  • ESPN Cricinfo

If you are interested in watching live coverage of a cricket match with India, this site is safe, secure, and reliable to provide quality video content. The site was designed to stream cricket video content by ESPN India. Most of the prestigious cricket tournaments and leagues are covered live on ESPN Cricinfo with recent scores and news. 

  • Time 4TV

Time 4TV is a platform that gives you access to multiple channels without any charge, provided with internet accessibility. To watch live cricket tournaments, you would need to determine the television station that is airing the live broadcasting of the cricket matches. Thereafter, you have to locate that particular channel on the streaming site. 

In the online channels, there are more than 70 varying sports networks that you can pick to watch cricket videos. 

  • My Live Cricket 

My Live Cricket is an online platform that is only dedicated to broadcasting live cricket matches. If you are an avid cricket lover, you can watch India all cricket matches and the rivalry of the other teams as well. Many cricket enthusiasts use this platform and keep up with the live cricket action on the ground. A drawback is that you won’t find live scorecards and the latest cricket news. 

However, the platform offers high-definition streaming of the match videos. It reduces the need for other factors when you enjoy watching your favourite sport. 

Wrapping Up 

Looking for the platforms to watch India all cricket matches videos? If yes, then, we have listed the platforms that would add more fun to your cricket-watching experience. 

For the latest cricket updates and to watch cricket matches online, subscribe to CBTF MyTube and watch your favourite sport! 

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