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CBTFpay.com New Features Video

CBTFpay.com New Features Video

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  • Ronith Das
    Ronith Das 21st September 2022 , 5:34 pm

    I m Very happy to come across such a beautiful and beneficial application I started with zero here but now i earn in lakh’s and this is just because of this application they provide us with all the details stats and records which helps us to think before we make our team or we bet on any match.Hats off to Amit sir and the Cbtf Team.

  • Raghav Manohar
    Raghav Manohar 21st September 2022 , 5:31 pm

    paisa hi pais ahoga sabke pass

  • Rachit Agarwal
    Rachit Agarwal 21st September 2022 , 5:30 pm


  • Qasim Mohammad
    Qasim Mohammad 21st September 2022 , 5:29 pm

    logic hai features me magic h kismat me

  • Qarin Ahmed
    Qarin Ahmed 21st September 2022 , 5:29 pm

    Phir v dil hai hindustani per dil hai cbtf v

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