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India vs Pakistan | Women’s Cricket | Commonwealth Games

India vs Pakistan | Women’s Cricket | Commonwealth Games

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Highlights India Vs Pakistan Women Match of the Commonwealth Games 2022

On Sunday 31, July 2022, India defeated Pakistan by eight wickets in India vs Pakistan women match at the ongoing Commonwealth Games 2022 (CWG 2022) in Birmingham at Edgbaston. Smriti Mandhana’s undefeated 63-run knock-off of 42 balls allowed India successfully chase a goal of 100 runs and reach 102/2 in 11.4 overs. Pakistan was initially bowled out for 99 in 18 overs, with Sneh Rana and Radha Yadav claiming two wickets. Meanwhile, Muneeba Ali led the way with 32 runs off 30 balls. 

The women in blue made a statement by attempting to reach the goal of 100 runs with more than 6 overs remaining. Credit must be given to Smriti Mandhana for her outstanding fifty-63 from 42 balls with three maximums! She easily pounded a sluggish Pakistani bowling attack, which was made worse by poor fielding. Thanks to Mandhana and Shafali Verma, India got off to a fast start. Meghna Singh’s and the latter’s wickets were lost, but Pakistan had already lost the match. India’s NRR would surely gain a lot from this big triumph.

After winning the toss and choosing to bat, Pakistan made some early strides before succumbing to excellent bowling from the Indian spinners. They swiftly lost the opening wicket, but skipper Maroof and opener Muneeba Ali gave them hope. On the other side, Sneh Rana quickly took two wickets to end Pakistan’s innings. Later, Radha Yadav decided on two because Pakistan lost half of their team very early. They lost nine wickets for 49 runs and were all out for 99. The bowlers were Sneh Rana and Radha Yadav, each claiming two wickets.

The Commonwealth Games were about to see Harmanpreet Kaur’s Team India claim their first-ever victory when Australia won the last match thanks to a masterclass from Ashleigh Gardner. The Women in Blue move on to their second group-stage match, where they will face arch-rivals Pakistan on Sunday in Birmingham, having learned from their three-wicket loss to the Australians.

There will be a packed house at Edgbaston as Harmanpreet Kaur and Bismah Maroof leads their respective teams onto the field in a game that will significantly impact how well they perform in the tournament. A victory for either of them keeps the possibility of winning a medal alive, but a defeat would put either of the teams in danger of losing the match early.

India vs Pakistan Women Match Highlights

The Pakistan Women’s team won the toss and opted for batting first. Here are some Ind vs Pak women Match Highlights when the Pakistan team was betting.

Excellent delivery to begin with!

Thakur’s initial delivery is excellent, as it edges out Muneeba at the outside edge. No run!


Renuka makes a poor delivery, and Muneeba tries it! For a four, she smacks it over the cover!

A Couple Of Fours!

Muneeba attempts Renuka again, this time finding the opening in front of midwicket that is onside for a four!


Meghna and Muneeba attempt to pull off a bouncer, but it top edges over the wicketkeeper’s head for a four instead!

Six! Muneeba Ali Has Clobbered!

Muneeba strikes Meghna’s delivery beautifully, driving this full-length ball over midwicket for a six!

Out! Pakistan loses the Captain!

This delivery by Rana is attempted to be swept by Bismah, who completely misses it. 

LBW Up Ahead! Bismah Reviews It, But It Supports Lbw For India!

Sneh, Rana Gets Another Stump!

Rana’s delivery was typical and uncomplicated. Muneeba just smacks the ball back to the bowler for an easy catch after forgetting about her prior shots.


Naseem effortlessly knocks a short delivery from Radha over midwicket for a four!

Out! Ayesha Naseem Travels Away!

Renuka delivered the leg completely. Ayesha makes a mistake, and Rodrigues, running in from deep midwicket, catches it!


Rana made a complete delivery in the middle. For a four, Riaz sweeps it nicely!


Shefali made a thorough delivery and then stepped outside. Aliya arrives as Riaz makes a mistake with her cut and goes for a single. However, Aliya stops, forcing Sohail to return and be late.

Pakistan scored 92/5.

Deepti delivers her lines with an overly high pitch. Sana drives it to score four points!

Out! Awesome Direct Hit!

Riaz smashes a good delivery from Shafali to mid-off, where it lands for a single. Meghna, however, hits the off-stump with the direct hit, and she is successful!

Meghna Singh Made A Brilliant Throw And A Lightning Arm!

Another! Out!

Shafali hits a full ball from outside off. Sana returns it to the bowler, and Shafali makes a low diving catch! The verdict is in India’s favor!


The Pakistan Innings Continue To Crumble!

Yadav tosses it up and throws it away. Baig tries to sweep but fails. She’s also a long way from her crease!


Yadav makes a full delivery from outside off. Kainat guides it to wide long-on, and they attempt a double. Tuba has been depleted!

Out! Pakistan Finished Their Innings!

Yadav puts it up in the center. Kainat attempts to go for it, but it slips under her bat and strikes the stumps!

Pakistan Women’s cricket team set the target of 100 runs for the Indian Women’s cricket team. After a break, Ind vs Pak lady match started again.

1 bye

Good start with b Baig and trickles from Verma’s pad for a bye!


A wide delivery by Amin and Mandhana slog-sweeps it over mid-on for a six!

Four! Good Over For India!

Amin throws a full toss, and Mandhana knocks it straight for a four!

Four! India 25/0

Baig and Mandhana’s broader delivery clatters it past the short third for a four!

Six! Over Long-On!

Amin enters the slot, ending in Shafali’s arc! She utilizes brutal muscle to power it long-on for a huge six!

Four! Creamed!

Shafali attacks Amin once again and is enjoying it! She creams it over a short third and backward point for a four!

Six! India Is Halfway There!

Mandhana demonstrates her class by heaving Sana’s delivery over long-on for a six!

India now requires 49 runs from 78 balls!

Out! Shafali Verma Departs!

Hassan makes a terrific delivery, and Verma tries to slice it but only gets a thick outside edge to Muneeba for an easy catch!


From around the stumps, Hassan goes full, wide. Mandhana carves it right over the ground for a six, bringing her to 50!

Four! India Needs 13 From 54 Balls!

Sohail and Meghana’s full delivery takes it over the bowler and past the long-on fielder for a four! The scoreboard after 9 overs shows 88/1. Now, India only needs 13 from 54 balls.


Sohail throws it up with the outside off. Meghana’s middle stump gets an inner edge!

Four! India Secure A Win!

A full delivery by Sana, outside off. India secures victory when Mandhana knocks it into cow corner for a four!

India win by eight wickets! India: 102/2, Target: 100

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