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How to Play Satta Matka?

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⁣How to Play Matka in 7 Easy Steps

Indian bettors who want to know how to play matka should understand that the rules of this number-based lottery are very basic. However, whether you are playing this guessing game online or offline, luck would always be an important factor. Nonetheless, it is worth learning how to do the math before the betting starts.

In this article, we will be discussing how to play satta matka in 7 simple steps and show the calculation formula in greater detail. The rules might however vary depending on the bet type that you choose. However, let us first see what matka actually is.

What is Matka?

Matka is an easy lottery-style betting game that involves estimating two random numbers between one to nine. Amongst different kinds of markets, you can win about 999x your betting stake by accurately predicting the correct sequence of numbers. Card versions of Matka that are enjoyed by Indian Casino players have also been developed.

Read on to know how to play matka game.

How to Play Matka Online
Select the Satta Matka Lottery You Want to Play

The Indian gambling market includes different varieties of satta matka lotteries. The most popular kinds are the Worli Matka and Kalyan Matka that were launched by the iconic Kalyanji Bhagat, a Gujarati farmer who later turned into a gambling den owner.

Other than this a lot of other variations are famous in India which includes Dpboss, Tara Matka, Rajadhani, Madhur, Milan, Matka 420, Time Bazar, Sridevi, and more. Most of these lotteries operate everyday or for five days a week in the least but at various times. Pick your choice and carefully study the game prior to starting to play the game. The base game is similar in all of them but the little variations are not uncommon. Select something you can play conveniently.

Choose the Bookie With Whom You Wish to Play

For a good session of matka gambing, you need to choose a bookie who is reliable. You should not play with anyone who provides you with an entry. If you are playing online, you should know that a majority of the sites are rogue and fraud. For finding a trusted and reliable satta matka bookie, you should look for the reviews and their track record.

Does this site or person have past records of cheating players or has any police cases ever been registered against him or the organization. Would he pay you the standard amount in case you win. Do all the research you need as you must select the right matka bookie. You should check the authenticity of a site and then only enroll for betting.

Follow the Satta Calculation Formula

Here comes the most important part. To know how to play matka kalyan, you should learn the calculation formula for satta. Although it is not required, having information about it offers you an idea about how the lottery works.

Every matka game occurs twice on the day that it is organized. In each of the two bidding timings, the outcome is based on three playing cards or numbers which are drawn randomly. A deck of 52 cards without the Kings, Queens and Jacks is utilized for matka gambling.

Aces are valued at one.
2 through 9 are taken at the face value.
10 is valued at 0.

Each player has a chance to bet prior to the opening time and again before the ending time. The time between the opening time and the closing time is generally one hour but can depend on the game you choose. For every bet a player selects a number between 1 and 9 and bets a certain amount of money. A player can bet as many times as they want provided you do it prior to when the cards are drawn and it increases the scope of winning.

Decide on The Kind of Bet

You should also have knowledge about the bet types that branch out of the same outcome but offer different payouts. In traditional satta matka, seven types of bets are there: single (ank), single patti/pana, double patti/pana, triple patti/pana, jodi, half sangam, sangam and so on.

Choose the Part in Which You Want to Place the Bet

As it is discussed above, every matka game operates in two phases - an opening part and a closing one. You might select the part you want to bet on - whether it is the opening one or the closing one or both. Based on the phase that you choose, certain kinds of bets might be unavailable. You cannot wager a sangam, jodi or half sangam bet at the closing time. You should place such bets before the opening part of the draw. In case you select either the closing or opening part, you can place single patti, double patti, or triple patti bets.

Choose Your Numbers and Wager a Bet

Ultimately it is time for the draw. You need to mark your chosen number and select the bet types on a ticket and pay the bet amount. The date and the time of draw would be written on the ticket.

Check the Results

Understanding how to read and understand the matka results is more essential for playing the lottery. The results are declared in two parts - the open and the close.

Wrapping Up:

If you are passionate about playing matka, you should first learn how to play satta matka and then pick a reputed online betting site, register online, verify your account, add funds, find the matka game, decide your bet and invest in the game. You can check out the website of CBTF My Tube for how to play matka tricks and start betting.

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