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Watch : Three Controversial Umpire Calls in IPL 2024 | CBTFMyTube

  25.8k Views·   08/05/24

Decisions made by umpires have ended up being big talking points multiple times in the 2024 season of the IPL.
Stay ahead for watching full video and to know more amazing insights on IPL with CBTFMyTube.

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Praneel53 9 days ago

Sad situation of cricket

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Warinder52 9 days ago

Thabks CBTF for picking up the most important topic and making videos , people should take a look at these videos, its fantastic

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Wahab62 9 days ago

Disgraceful from umpires

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Wriddhish23 9 days ago

Virat Kohli poor behaviour

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Kanav43 9 days ago

Umpiring has been below standard this IPL

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