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Check out the live score, breaking news, and highlights from today’s Women’s T20 Challenge match at Pune’s MCA Stadium. Velocity vs. Supernovas.

Talk about the ideal promotion for the game’s expansion. You’re all set! An exciting conclusion. After a remarkable ninth-wicket stand between Laura Wolvaardt and Simran Bahadur threatened to steal the stage, Harmanpreet’s girls kept their composure to defeat a chaotic Velocity.

Supernovas wins its third Women’s T20 Challenge title in four seasons.

Ecclestone slid the ball to the pads for VEL 161/8 in 20 overs, and Wolvaardt smashed the ball over midwicket for SIX! Folks, we’re getting close to the finish line. absolute hysteria 5 required off of 11, Ecclestone crosses the wicket, and Wolvaardt tries to cut; she succeeds and is awarded a single. Velocity needs to make 10 from 4 balls. Simran tries to scoop but edges it to short-fine instead. Supernovas review as it appears that the ball fell off Simran’s pad and down to the fielder. The ball pitches outside the off-stump, therefore you are not out. 3 balls and 9 needed. Wolvaardt finds two runs after sweeping a wider ball. 7 required off of 2. Wolvaardt scores a single off the inside-edge after Ecclestone throws a yorker. Argh, with Simran on strike, 6 required off 1. A conclusion from cricketing videos is an utter cliffhanger. Simran completely botches the full-toss, sending her bat flying off the grip. By four runs, the Supernovas triumph!

Indian women’s cricket match today highlights Ecclestone to bowl the final over.

Velocity needs 17 runs in 6 balls.

VEL 149/8 in 19 overs: Wolvaardt hits Vastrakar’s opening delivery for FOUR. Velocity is not yet ready to slow down. Vastrakar angles the ball across as he circles the wicket. Wolvaardt settles for a single after failing to pass the inner circle. Simran is unable to purchase a dotball. As per female cricket match highlights simran hits the length ball down the field for FOUR! Velocity must make 25 out of 9 balls. Simran knocks the ball over mid-off from the slot for another FOUR, bringing the total to 21 from 8! Excellent work, Simran! Vastrakar receives a paddle from her over short fine-leg for FOUR as she advances over to the off-stump. Vastrakar avoids one down leg and a dubious call by the umpire since it is referred to as a dot ball. 

Velocity needs 34 runs in 12 balls

VEL 132/8 in 18 overs: Wolvaardt scores 50 with a single after tonking King for an enormous SIX over long-on. Simran relieves Wolvaardt of some of the pressure with a magnificent SIX over long-on to end the over.

Velocity needs 48 runs in 18 balls

VEL 118/8 in 17 overs: Kate Cross moves on the other side of the field and ramps Dottin’s delivery over the wicketkeeper for FOUR. Cross lofts the ball over the short third on the outside edge for another FOUR. Cross’ cameo is excellent as he propels the ball for two runs. Cross nicks a quick bouncer onto the keeper’s shoulders. Dottin does it once more! For Indian women’s cricket match today highlights stay tuned!

Kate Cross c †Bhatia b Dottin 13 (7b 2×4)

VEL 105/7 in 16 overs: Wolvaardt smashes the ball over long off for SIX after Alana tosses it on the full! It’s a single for her. OUT! A thrown-up delivery that slips through the gates cleans up Sneh Rana. Supernovas struck exactly when Velocity was threatening to switch gears. Radha Yadav arrives at 8: OUT! Radha misses the first ball by a hole. Radha mishits the ball off length as she moves forward on the ground, but Harmanpreet safely bags the ball. At nine is Kate Cross. She ignores the hat-trick strike.

We saw in female cricket match highlights that Radha Yadav c Kaur b King 0 (1b), Sneh Rana b King 15 (15b 2×4)

Velocity needs 69 runs in 30 balls

Dottin strays to the pads, and Wolvaardt brilliantly flicks it for FOUR as VEL 97/5 in 15 overs. She starts off with a strike of one. The ball lobs over short-third for a further FOUR after receiving a thick edge off Rana’s bat.

Dottin returns

VEL 85/5 in 14 overs: In the air, just missing the fielder in the distance. Wolvaardt takes a chance and lifts the ball over mid-off, and despite a tremendous effort from the deep, the ball still rolls onto the fence for FOUR despite the effort.

VEL 75/5 in 13 overs: King paddles and slides the ball down leg for four runs, respectively. A single is next. While wobbling along the track, Wolvaardt maintains the ball in play for one run to deep cover.

In female cricket match highlights, Sneh Rana gets things going with a single off a low full-toss as VEL 68/5 in 12 overs. Kanojia excellent over produced four runs.

Kings finds some turn off the length, and Wolvaardt pushes the ball to the point fielder, giving VEL 64/5 in 11 overs. Wolvaardt tries to advance the ball past mid-off by stepping out, but Dottin defends the shot with a swift dive. Deepti Sharma holes out to long-on while in the air. As King scores in the first over, this chase is rapidly coming to a close. Information and notion regarding cricket betting tips visit CBTF website!

Words from Indian women’s cricket match today highlights

“The strategy was to stay put and hunt down bowlers from the end, where the wind was blowing hard. Harman always made for incredibly enjoyable seeing from the non-end. striker’s

Although the pitch isn’t terrible, we have enough runs and if we stay within our bases, we can win. We can prevail if we don’t panic and stick to what we should do. Sincerely, I enjoy batting with Punia. Together, batting is fun for us. After every ball and every over, we engage in extensive conversation and support one another.

Yes, luck may provide them with free hits, but I wanted to benefit from one.”

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